гарсан дарааллаар нь тавьлаа.. ENJOY!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

10 out of 10

10 out of 10 (b-side version)

10 out of 10 (old school version)

Only you (яг official MV биш)


Again&again (dance version)

I hate you

Baek Ji Young & Taecyeon – My Ear`s Candy


My Color (Corby)

Tik Tok (Music drama ft. Yoon Eun Hye)


Crazy4S (dance version)

Without You

Cabi Song (ft SNSD ver.1)

Cabi Song (ft SNSD ver.2)

I will give you my life

Thank you

Fly to Seoul ‘Boom Boom’

For Anycall “Nori”

I’ll be back

Jay Park – Abandoned

Jay Park – Tonight

2PM – Hands Up

2PM – I’m your man

Jun.K – Alive

2PM – Ultra Lover

Jay Park – Demon

Jay Park – Girlfriend

Jay Park – Star

47 thoughts on “OFFICIAL MV

  1. i was just idling searching about 2 pm n came across ur blog..
    eventhough i cannot understand a word, i wud lyke 2 say dat u have a gr8 blog..
    wonderful stuffs
    keep up d good work!!! 😉

  2. ene shinchilsen n ih taalagdaj bnaa
    Junita chamd maaaaaaaaash ih amjiltiih yorooyooooo (^_^)
    oshoo ih erch hvchtei ajilaj bgaarai aja aja huayting

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